We are excited to announce our annual showcase schedule, which will feature 10 (!!) amazing sports analytics projects. Our showcase will take place on March 27th, from 6-9 pm at the Bahen Centre for Information Technology, at 40 St George St, Toronto, Ontario in room BA2145. The presentations are listed in order below:

SMT Data Challenge: This Isn’t a Stretch: Quantifying Ball Acquisition Proficiency to Evaluate Fielders on Assisted Put-Outs. This project won $1000 as winners of the Graduate Division. Authors: David Awosoga, Aaron White, Daniel Hocevar, Jaden Majumdar. University of Toronto, University of Waterloo.

2024 Big Data Cup: Zone Entries. Authors: Zeke Weng, Samarth Sharma, Daniel Du, Alexander Khan. University of Toronto

2024 NFL Big Data Bowl: Every Step You Take: Measuring A Defender’s Moves. This project won $5000 as runners-up! Authors: Hassaan Inayatali, Aaron White, Daniel Hocevar, Jaden Majumdar. University of Toronto.

2023 Linköping Hockey Analytics Conference: Comparing Defensive Pressures Using Possession Retention Probability and Expected Goals. This project was a finalist for the student competition! Authors: David Awosoga, Justin Cue, Aujin Li, Jaden Majumdar, Juno Wang. University of Toronto, University of Waterloo

NBA Player Scorecards. Author: Fauzan Lodi, University of Waterloo

Evaluating Player Influence in the National Hockey League using Player Puck Tracking DataAuthor: Hassaan Inayatali, University of Toronto.

NHL Positivity Index. Authors: Jacob Winch, Tanmay Munjal, Heiby Lau, Alexander Bradley, Yukesh Subedi, Arden Monaghan, William Luo. University of Alberta.

2024 NFL Big Data Bowl: Tackles Above Average. Authors: Jacob Winch, Colton Schneider, Siddhartha Chitrakar. University of Alberta.

2024 Big Data Cup: Special Teams. Authors: Victor Hau, Jason Alizadeh, Kishan Vethanayagam, Matthew Braho. University of Toronto.

2024 NFL Big Data Bowl: Tackle Redistribution: ‘T’ in Tackle is for Team. Author: Zeke Weng. University of Toronto.

While this is an in-person event, we plan to stream all presentations using the following Zoom link:

Zoom Link: https://utoronto.zoom.us/j/88541237672
Password: UTSPAN

2023 Annual Showcase

Members of the UTSPAN community got together to present captivating sports analytics projects that they have been working on.

The program was:

6:10pm – 6:30pm
Hayden Groer, Bhanu Mamillapalli, Daniel Lim, Siddhi Bansal, Adam Mainella
A Metric-Driven Analysis of Defending the Golden State Warriors
Submitted to the 2023 Syracuse University Basketball Analytics Competition

6:30pm – 7:00pm
Hassaan Inayatali, Daniel Hocevar, Aaron White
Between the Lines: How Do We Measure Pressure in the NFL?
Finalist for the 2023 NFL Big Data Bowl ($10,000 prize money)

7:00pm – 7:15pm

7:15pm – 7:40pm
David Awosoga, University of Waterloo
Beyond the Boxscore: Applications of Team and Individual Performance Evaluation Metrics in U SPORTS Basketball
Undergraduate thesis, University of Lethbridge

7:40pm – 8:00pm
Aaron White, Ethan Baron, (Daniel Hocevar, Kabir Malik)
RIPP: Holistic Player Evaluation with Region-Based Isolated Player Performance
Winner of the undergraduate category at the 2022 Big Data Cup ($1,000 prize money)