David Radke – Presenting Multiagent Challenges in Team Sports Analytics

Wednesday, November 15th, 2023, 7pm EST


Check out the slides from the seminar:


Multiagent systems is a sub-field of artificial intelligence (AI) concerned with how multiple agents interact in an environment. In the first part of this talk, Dr. David Radke presented methods to characterize the available passing space between any two players using NHL puck and player tracking data. In the second part of this talk, Dr. David Radke discussed some of the ways researchers anticipate multiagent systems will be used to revolutionize team sports analytics in sports classified as “invasion games” (i.e., ice hockey, basketball, and soccer). Success in invasion game sports requires high degrees of inter-player coordination and cooperation. Dr. David Radke made connections between areas of research in multiagent systems and existing problems in team sports analytics, and in turn, show how sports will help drive multiagent systems research forward.

2023 SMT (SportsMEDIA Technology) Data Challenge Sports Analytics Conference

Congratulations to UTSPAN members David Awosoga, Daniel Hocevar, Jaden Majumdar, and Aaron White on being named winners of the graduate student division of the 2023 SMT Data Challenge after their presentation at the Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Conference on November 11th.

Their submission develops a framework to evaluate catch difficulty on throws to first base. Check out their work at https://github.com/danielhocevar/SMT-Baseball-2023