Our Team


Ethan Baron


  • Major: Engineering Science
  • Interested in: Basketball, Cycling, Tennis, Football, Volleyball
  • Contact via: LinkedIn

I’m interested in the power of big data in predictive modelling and using statistics to capture the non-statistical nuances of sports.


Hassaan Inayatali

Vice President

  • Major: Engineering Science
  • Interested in: Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Football
  • Contact via: LinkedIn

I am currently working on a project to determine the order of starting pitching in the playoffs such that a baseball team will be able to maximize their success. As a whole, I am trying to use machine learning and statistics to find new trends in sports.


Daniel Hocevar


  • Major: Computer Science
  • Interested in: Hockey, Baseball, Curling, Golf
  • Contact via: LinkedIn

I’m passionate about bringing sports analytics to amateur athletes and am working to develop a suite of mobile apps that leverage computer vision to help athletes better understand their game.


Aaron White


  • Major: Statistics
  • Interested in: Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Football
  • Contact via: LinkedIn

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  1. I’m a grade 11 student in the Toronto area and am fascinated by sports analytics and this club. If it isn’t a bother to any of you, I want to start publishing work and leaving my footprint out there and would appreciate some tips and recommendations on how to get my foot in the door. I also just want to state how awesome it is that this club exists and hopefully in a few years I can be a part of it.

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